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Rob Bocchino

Rob is originally from central New York where he played jazz guitar, and acoustic fingerstyle meanderings in a number of small bands. He first started playing in 6th grade in order to impress Peggy Finnegan, his grade school crush. That crush led to his love of the guitar and making music. He loves the music of Joe Pass, Michael Hedges, Pat Methany, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, and James Taylor. For him OPC is not a band, but a process. One Paper Crane is what happens when like-minded people who love to grow and perform get together to make music. This band is where we are all playing to get closer to a shared musical vision. It’s not work: after all they call it “play” for a reason.

Two other facts about Rob:

1. He knows what the Oxford comma is.

2. He is still trying to impress a crush with his guitar playing: his wife Kathy.

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